The Northwest Classen Vocal Music Department
The Northwest Classen Vocal Music Department performs for thousands of audience members annually through concerts, academic ceremonies, contests, and civic events.  The Choral Department offers various small and large ensemble opportunities as well as solo work for desiring individuals.  There are four main ensembles open to NWC students, Women’s Choir, Men’s Choir, Jazz Choir and Cry-Slurs.  Cry-Slurs is a select vocal ensemble open to all students through audition. Women’s choir is open to all female students enrolled in Cry-Slurs.  Men’s choir is open to all male students enrolled in Cry-Slurs and other various ensembles at the director’s discretion.  Jazz Choir is open by audition to all concurrently enrolled Cry-Slur members.  These extra ensembles rehearse before and/or after school.  The vocal music department’s repertoire includes works from all historic eras.